“We, the faithful of St. Anthony Catholic Church, are a  community of believers who make up the body of Christ. We are called to know, love and serve the Lord, by upholding the dignity and diversity of all, through the gospel values and  the Social Teachings of the  Catholic Church...

Declaración de la Misión

Nosotros, Los fieles de la Iglesia Católica de San Antonio, somos una comunidad de creyentes que componemos el cuerpo de Cristo. Nosotros somos llamados a conocer, amar y servir a Dios, manteniendo en alto la dignidad y la diversidad de todos, a través de los valores del evangelio y las enseñanzas sociales de La Iglesia Católica...


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Our Parish Staff

Rev. Fr. Hector Vasquez

Priest Administrator


Rev. Fr. Francis Akyen Grant

Deacon Fernando Vera

Permanent Deacon

Parochial Vicar


Our History

St. Anthony Catholic Church is woven  directly into the romantic history of Southern California, as  inseparable as the land barons who donated ranch property for the building itself.   Long before Riverside became a county, in the years when Spain ruled California and the Franciscans ran their missions, Rancho San Jacinto’s Catholic community took root in a two-room adobe chapel with one shared fireplace.

This Catholic community of San Jacinto is the oldest in Riverside County, and the parish is the 6th oldest out of the 95 parishes in the Diocese of San Bernardino.  From 1896 to 1905 the St. Francis de Sales Parish in  Riverside oversaw San Jacinto (as St. Mary’s Mission), maintaining sacramental records and sending priests by horse and buggy.  The 1899 Diocesan directory noted Sunday Catechism School was held every Sunday morning at 10:30 a.m., and every second Sunday of the month the Holy Mass was celebrated in San Jacinto, for approximately 125 people.

In 1905 St. Mary’s Mission finally achieved Parish status, enabling it to maintain its own sacramental records and other documents, dotted with the names of people who built the Church and community.



Sr. Madelyn P. Equibal,MSM

Religious Worker/Parish

Website  & Bulletin Editor ext. 110


Grace Lacsamana

Parochial School-  Principal


Reina Solares

Bookeeper/Secretary: Ext. 105


Alvino Torrez

Religious Education/Youth Ministry: Ext:103


Jennifer Hernandez

Secretary - Ext 103


Rubi Andrade

Parish Secretary: Ext: 101


Seferino Quinatana

Parish Custodian