• Religious Education Office Hours

  • Mon.thru Thursday: 3pm-7pm

  • Friday                          :3pm - 6pm


Religious Education Registration starts on August 9, 2021,

Monday from 3-6pm



For Returning Students (all grades) who have been attending formation classes during the past year, registration begins on Monday November 2, 2020 to December 11, 2020.

For New Students,(all grades) or those just entering the formation process, registration will begin on Monday November 2, 2020 Monday .  

Important Note:  Even if your child has been attending classes this past year, you still must come and register again for the 2019/2020  Formation Year. This is crucial as space is limited, and we need to be sure your child will be continuing their formation with our parish.  

We will be accepting registration applications for the following Formation Programs
  • Faith Formation for Children in grades 1-6

  • Faith Formation for Middle School Youth in Grades 7 & 8, this is our EDGE Program

  • Life Teen Youth Ministry Program for all High School Youth Grades 9-12

  • Sacramental Preparation for all ages, this includes

  • Reconciliation or First Confession,

  • Eucharist, or First Holy Communion,

  • Confirmation for both youth and adults

  • We are also accepting registration applications for Children over the age of 7 years, and

  • Adults who have not yet been baptized or are interested in becoming Roman Catholic

  • This program is known as RCIA, (Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults)

The Following Items are MANDATORY in order to begin the registration process.  

Please bring these items with you on the day you come to register. 


·                     Child’s Baptismal Certificate.


            *A Birth Certificate is necessary if the child is over 7 years old and  has not yet been baptized. 


·                     First Communion Certificate for those entering the Confirmation process

·                     All Past Due Tuition Fee’s from 2009/2010 FF year


·                     All Required Sacramental and Tuition Fee’s for 2019/2020

The Faith Formation Fees are as follows (Grades 1-8)

·   Grades 1st-5th =  $40.00 for 1st and 2nd year /  $ 70.00 for 3rd year

·    Grades 6th-8th = $40.00 for 1st year and $ 70.00 for 2nd year

·   Grades 9th-12th =  $30.00 for 1st year and $ 40.00 for 2nd year

·   There will be a $ 10.00 discount for more than one child.


Sacramental Prep Fees are as follows, (for all grades)


Reconciliation (First Confession)        $30.00 per student


Eucharist (First Communion)             $30.00 per student


Confirmation (Youth)                           $50.00 per student


Confirmation (Adult 18 years)            $100.00 per student

  Baptism (below 7 years old )              $  75.00  per child


Requirements :

* For those who will take  classes for Reconciliation and  Eucharist please bring :  Baptismal Certificate only

* For those who will take Confirmation (Youth & Adult) , please bring : Baptismal and First Communion Certificates


Students wishing to enter the Youth Confirmation Process, must be 14 years of age as of April 1, 2019, and have received formation within the past year.